Vincent Zhu

Atlanta, Georgia

Student at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Name: Vincent Zhu

Email: [email protected]

Linkedin: vinzhu07

Github: vinzhu07

Keybase: vinzhu07

About Me

My name is Vincent Zhu. I am currently a third year computer science student at Georgia Tech, with goals of graduating in Spring 2024. Welcome to my personal website, which contains both my blog and my resume.


My resume.


A collection of various articles I write about things I do. By no means am I a writer, so expect errors :)

Summer 2022

My recap of summer 2022


My bridge journey to this day.

OSCAR Autofill

An OSCAR Autofiller


My participation in FBLA

TAG-ED LexisNexis Risk Solutions Coding Camp

My experience at a summer camp hosted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Tag-ed. I created a trip planner that uses Google Maps API.