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What is This?

This is an autofiller for Georgia Tech's OSCAR registration system. During my time at Tech, I've had issues with the system during registration. Due to the sheer number of students logging on, it often takes multiple tries to load the "Add or Drop Classes" page. Combined with the fact that the CRNs (Course Registration Numbers) are all several digits, making it difficult to quickly type in course numbers on the occassions OSCAR does load, I created this extension to help. It fills in your saved CRN's saving you precious time that can be spent waiting on OSCAR to submit changes.


The popup you are greeted with.

Type in your OSCAR course numbers, and click the save button.

The next time you open the popup, click load to see the saved course numbers.

While on the OSCAR Add/Drop Class page, click fill to fill in the saved course numbers to OSCAR!

Questions? Concerns? Contact me at Email: [email protected]

Who and When?

I built this alone over the course of two or three days in 2021.