Who and When

I built this on a team of four for my ECE 4150 Cloud Computing Final Report in Fall 2022 over the course of three weeks.


My team built a rideshare website using a variety of AWS services, highlighted in the diagram below.
  • Elastic Beanstalk hosted our Flask application.
  • AWS IAM and Cognito were used for login purposes.
  • DynamoDB that stored data that users submitted, including rides and taxi info.
  • A CloudWatch rule called a Lambda function every minute which "moved" the taxis' locations in our Dynamo DB to simulate movement.
This website allowed users to sign up either as a driver or a rider. If you sign up as a driver, you then register your vehicle by filling out information and uploading a picture of the car. After that, you would then be directed to a page with the open requests. If you signed up as a rider, you could then see where all of the current drivers are. The drivers' vehicles were randomly located around Georgia Tech. As a rider, you can request a ride and if any taxi is available, you get the taxi that is the closest one to you

I mainly worked on the rider functionality, including the ride request form in which after being submitted would be uploaded to the DynamoDB. A function would also search for available taxis, and among those found, would pair the closest one to the ride, and would display the driver and car's info to the user.