Who and When

I built this project for Hack GT 2022 in fall 2022 over the course of 36 hours, with the help of one friend during the design phase.


I built a website for Georgia Tech students to buy and sell leftover and excess meal swipes and dining dollars that otherwise would go to waste.


You can see the design process above where all the required components of the website are listed along with a few screens sketched out.


This website was built using Flask and utilized Amazon RDS for storing of requests and offers.
There are two main user types. The first are sellers, students who have meal swipes and dining dollars they no longer want but can't get refunded. They would make a sell offer by listing the amount of funds they are selling and the price they are selling. Then they would list the dates and locations they'd be willing to use these funds for, as it currently impossible to transfer funds between students accounts.
The second user type is students who would like to buy discounted meal swipes and dining dollars. They make a buy request using essentially the same information as a sell offer, where they offer to buy a certain amount of funds for use at a certain location.
Both user types can view a dashboard where all currently open requests and offers are listed.